Anti-Microbial Enviropack - The Refill Trio

You can now purchase our High Level Disinfectant (concentrate) alongside our Antimicrobial Cleanser and Foam Hand Rub.

This product bundle enables you to refill time and time again with the 1 litre concentrate. Excellent value as 1L makes up to 150 refills for sprays as well as 50 refills for rubs.

Look at how much plastic you save -- helping you take better care of the planet.

Rapidly biodegradable and can be used on any surface. Soft & hard surfaces plus equipment. Excellent for cleaning glass. 1% solution (10ml HLD + 1 litre water dilution = 1 pump per litre of water.) for all types of infection prevention. 

Non-coloured and non-fragranced; ideal for surfaces where frequent spraying of a coloured product may result in a buildup of colour on surfaces over time. 

Great for cleaning floors and animal housing. Safe enough for animals to walk on without rinsing first. 

Buy here for just £30+pp, saving on both plastic and expense with our Refill Trio!

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