High Level Disinfectant 5 Litre

You’ll find it nicer than the name implies. Rapidly biodegradable and can be used on any surface. Soft & hard surfaces plus equipment. Excellent for cleaning glass.
1% solution (10ml HLD + 1 litre water dilution = 1 pump per litre of water.) for all types of infection prevention. No need to remember different dilution rates for different jobs. 

Available in unfragranced and fragranced (Citrus, Raspberry & Eucalyptus).
Great for cleaning floors and animal housing.
Safe enough for animals to walk on without rinsing first. Available in 1L bettix bottles or 5L and 25L bottles with pumps. 25L bottles can also be used with our Accudose dispenser. 


5 Litre High Level Disinfectant comes with a dispensing pump which dispenses 10ml 

Product may differ from image shown

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